FUTCOM Referrals

  • FUTCOM will only pay out a commission on a successful referral. A successful referral is a signed contract of 3 months or more with a value of £500+.
  • The commission will be paid after the first month invoice is paid by the client (FUTCOM will pay the commission to the referrer after 30 days of receiving the first month payment by the client). The commission is 20% of the first month retainer value. This will be paid in a single payment to the referrer.
  • The referral commission will be paid directly to the bank account specified on the referrers records. This will be confirmed before payment is made.
  • Referrals can’t be used as payment by any current client.
  • You can not refer yourself, any future projects with FUTCOM or anyone who is currently an existing FUTCOM client.
  • By agreeing to these terms, you will not disclose any confidential or private information about the client, FUTCOM or the referral agreement.
  • FUTCOM reserves the right to refuse the commission if the above is breached in any way.

Last Updated 01/02/2021. For any further information on the above please contact info@futcom.co.uk .