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The Brand

Founded in 1993, Daniel Footwear is an independent retailer with over 20 stores in the UK, plus an award winning online eCommerce website. Daniel Footwear offer customers an extensive collection of designer shoes, bags and accessories which are of high quality, on trend and at competitive prices.

The unique Daniel brand, released in 1993 sits neatly alongside designer offerings from the likes of DKNY, Ash, UGG, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood and many more.

The Problem

After a few years of rapid growth online, Daniel Footwear were struggling to scale up their social media activity, but knew that there was so much more opportunity across Facebook and Instagram – but not knowing how to achieve this. 

Their account was in need of a big refresh and analysis, to identify where the problems and opportunities were to grow for 2020. 

The Solution

After taking over the account from a previous agency, we carried out a full rebuild, focusing on profitable areas of the business and building an account where spend can be focused and scaled accordingly, with total visibility on performance.

To manage stock better, we worked with one of our Facebook Enhancement Partners, ROI Hunter, to bring advanced feed optimisation, automated creatives and intelligent bidding into dynamic Facebook ads. 

Solutions Used

Social Media Advertising

Reaching users at different levels of intent, from discovery to advocacy. Using Facebook/Instagram advertising to build new relationships and nurture existing.

“Our experience working with FUTCOM has been outstanding. Their approach and professionalism is second to none. They have been genuinely passionate about their craft and our past year working with them generated some significant results. I’d recommend them to any organisation seeking results and growth from their paid social media.” –  Mark Buxton, eCommerce and Marketing Director 

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