Preparing for Facebook’s changes in response to iOS 14 Privacy Requirements

Facebook is rolling out important changes to adopt Apple’s new privacy requirements. Here are some actions you should take to be ready.

With the release of iOS 14, Apple has announced a series of sweeping changes that may affect your ads. This will primarily impact how Facebook receives and processes events from tools like the Facebook pixel and applies to both mobile apps and websites. Considering that these changes can be overwhelming to follow and implement, here’s a short article to walk you through actions you can take to be better prepared.

Verify your domain

If you wish to deliver ads for events that occur on your business’s website, you may need to verify your website domain. This is required by Facebook to make sure that the domain where your Pixel conversion events are coming from is really yours. To complete this process, please follow the simple steps specified here.

Update to Facebook SDK 8.1 for iOS 14

Define 8 Facebook Pixel Events and order them by importance

Going forward, Facebook’s Pixel will only be able to track and optimize for up to 8 conversion events per domain. For the users that opt out of tracking, only the first event by order will be tracked. More information about this can be found here.

Note: The interface to configure and order the events for your domain is not available in Business Manager yet.

Updates rolling out on ROI Hunter to support these changes

Facebook requires defining your website’s domain for tracking conversions from ads for your website. This field will be coming to the Ad Creation flow on ROI Hunter shortly. By default. it will be automatically filled with the domain address for your landing page domain. However, if conversions take place on another domain, you should explicitly specify it.

Facebook also requires a separate ad account for App Install campaigns targeting the iOS 14 operating system. You will need to specify that you are creating a campaign that is meant to target these devices by selecting iOS 14 in your targeting options.