Is your Facebook account secure?

Meta Security

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a number of messages come through about users’ personal Facebook and Instagram profiles being locked, or potential hacks on their accounts.

At Meta, they use a combination of automated and manual systems to help detect scams before you see them, and it’s important we have our security settings up to date in case Facebook/Instagram locks your account after a suspected attack. 

What should I do?

We recommend you head to your personal Facebook Settings > Security & Login > Two-Factor Authentication.

Firstly, check you have 2FA set up on your account. If you don’t we highly recommend you set this up for optimum security. 

If you do have 2FA active, make sure your authentication code generator is on a device you still have access to. We also recommend you set up an SMS security verification, Recovery Codes and for additional protection, a Security Key (a Security Key isn’t necessary but advised). 

Finally, is it time you changed your password? We recommend you use this opportunity to change your password and log out of all active devices. 


Authentification Code: You’ll receive a login code via an authentication app.
Recovery Code: Use recovery codes to log in if you lose your phone or can’t receive a verification code via text message or an authentication app.
Text SMS: Use text messages (SMS) to receive verification codes. For your protection, phone numbers used for two-factor authentication can’t be used to reset your password when two-factor authentication is on.
Security Key: Security keys help ensure that passwords aren’t the last line of defense between an attacker and your account. You can use a USB stick for this. 

Please take 5 minutes this week to check your Facebook (and other social media channels) are secure with Two Factor Authentification. For more information, click here