5 Steps To Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing

Are you ready to take your cross-channel collaborative marketing one step further? We’re all familiar with Email and Social Media marketing, but many of us don’t truly understand the benefit of using both together.

There’s a strong chance you’re missing out on huge opportunity to target both prospective and existing clients through data and resources that are right under your nose. We know that email and social are very different channels; email is essential for retention and conversions, social is great for igniting immediate community conversations – but together they form a powerful pair and act as a collaborative marketing channel.

Refine your customer journey

To start with you’ll need to refine your customer journey. Your welcome journey is essential for getting insight and information about your customers, but also letting them know about you. We recommend sending a dedicated email promoting your social channels. Using heat map technology, you can see which channels are proving to be post popular from a click perspective. The results of this will influence your future email design or content efforts for that particular channel. We recommend your social channel automated email should be sent within 1-2 weeks of a new subscriber.

Cross Channel Campaigns

It’s now time to take your campaigns one step further, and it’s time to get creative. Get your customers moving across platforms by sending out a message on social media, persuading them to look at their inbox. You can also use this opportunity to build your subscriber lists by, sending the same message out to your desired audience! You can then get track sales from new and existing subscribers to see how your campaign has responded to both audiences.

Use your subscriber lists on Facebook

When targeting on Twitter and Facebook, marketers spend an endless amount of time looking at different ways to target consumers and forget about the information that they already have in front of them. What many retailers don’t realise is that these social platforms allow you to upload your subscriber lists (or any customer data list you’ve acquired) to target those users based on email addresses used when signing up to Facebook and Twitter. This is essential as these followers will already have an initial interest in the brand – meaning they are more likely to engage and convert. We recommend refreshing and re-uploading these lists twice a month, as new users will have subscribed to your mailing list during these periods.

Advanced subscriber list targeting

Take your customer file targeting one step further by exporting data from your website admin, or segmenting your subscriber list based on certain events. For example, sending a different offer to new and existing customers. You could send an offer to your loyalty scheme customers over social, and the same message to customers who aren’t on your loyalty scheme with a link to sign up. This will then not encourage sales from your existing loyalty customers, but also ignite new sign ups.

Retargeting on Facebook

Retarget, retarget, retarget! This is an essential element of targeting through Facebook/Twitter with email data. Up-sell accessory kits to those who have bought certain products which are linked. Promote an offer to your engaged or disengaged subscribers. Up-sell kitchen products on social to those who are subscribed to your kitchen email list. The possibilities are endless. Utilising your existing data is imperative and email/social cross channel marketing is the perfect way to do this.

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